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AI, Machine Learning and Statistics

Work within the AI, Machine Learning and Statistics cluster focuses on developing computational and methodological approaches to tackling big, and otherwise complex, datasets. At times, one finds that there is no pre-existing approach for the analysis of a given big or complex data set and so there is the need to develop new methodology. In addition, we commonly seek computational efficiency via, possibly simpler, algorithm formulations that are efficient and scalable for a well-defined class of instances.

Abstract Data Background
Last Name First Name Email Faculty
Ahmad Arshad DeGroote School of Business
Akhtar-Danesh Noori Faculty of Health Sciences
Anand Christopher Faculty of Engineering
Ashtiani Hassan Faculty of Engineering
Bakhtiari Behrouz DeGroote School of Business
Bandler John Faculty of Engineering
Bangdiwala Shrikant Faculty of Health Sciences
Becker Sue Faculty of Science
Beyene Joseph Faculty of Health Sciences
Bolker Ben Faculty of Science
Chen Jun Faculty of Engineering
Chiang Fei Faculty of Engineering
Contoyannis Paul Faculty of Social Sciences
Deal Ken DeGroote School of Business
Deza Antoine Faculty of Engineering
Doyle Thomas Faculty of Engineering
Dushoff Jonathan Faculty of Science
Earn David Faculty of Science
Ezzeldin Mohamed Faculty of Engineering
Foster Jane Faculty of Health Sciences
Ghasemaghaei Maryam DeGroote School of Business
Golding G. Brian Faculty of Science
Grasselli Matheus Faculty of Science
Grigolon Laura Faculty of Social Sciences
Habibi Saeid Faculty of Engineering
Hanna Steven Faculty of Health Sciences
Higgs Paul Faculty of Science
Huang Kai DeGroote School of Business
Karakostas George Faculty of Engineering
Khedri Ridha Faculty of Engineering
Kim Younggy Faculty of Engineering
Kuperman Victor Faculty of Humanities
Lokker Cynthia Faculty of Health Sciences
Ma Jinhui Faculty of Health Sciences
Macdonald Peter Faculty of Science
Maheu John DeGroote School of Business
Mahyar Hamidreza Faculty of Engineering
McNicholas Sharon Faculty of Science
McNicholas Paul Faculty of Science
Mhaskar Prashant Faculty of Engineering
Mills Suzanne Faculty of Social Sciences
Montazemi Ali Reza DeGroote School of Business
Nicolici Nicola Faculty of Engineering
Parpia Sameer Faculty of Health Sciences
Pirvu Traian Faculty of Science
Racine Jeffrey Faculty of Social Sciences
Reilly Jim Faculty of Engineering
Sekerinski Emil Faculty of Engineering
Shi An-Chang Faculty of Science
Sonnadara Ranil Faculty of Health Sciences
Stroinska Magda Faculty of Humanities
Swartz Christopher Faculty of Engineering
Verma Manish DeGroote School of Business
Viveros-Aguilera Roman Faculty of Science
Yiannakoulias Niko Faculty of Science
Zargoush Manaf DeGroote School of Business
Zheng Rong Faculty of Engineering
Zhou Yun DeGroote School of Business