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Our Mandate

We are a university-wide institute founded in 2015 and operate under the office of the Vice-President of Research. Our mandate is to promote innovative research and training programs on big data. We work with, and support faculties and institutes on data issues and initiatives.

The institute’s mission can be summarized with reference to three general themes:

Information Box Group


This relates to showcasing the scientific developments and successes of McMaster researchers and their students have made on issues related to data science locally, nationally, and internationally. The types of developments to be showcased include matters related to the creation, collection, and curation of data; the transformation of data for research and policy analysis; adavances in AI and machine learning; developments in statistical analysis and visualization; advances in data storage; and responsible dissemination of results.


This focuses on coordination and collaboration across disciples and methodologies to ensure researchers are supported and have opportunities to expand the scope of their research. The development of new techniques for analytics – including AI, manince learning, statistical learning, and statistics – and data development, for example, falls under this theme. Activities related to enhancing training opportunities and the use of students in ways that promote building skills they will need to traverse the big data terrain are also under this theme.


This focuses on promotion of data literacy skills, training, and integration with industry and government to support the development of methodologies, technology, and analytics techniques to help commerce, governments, science and public services.